Welcome Demetra!
Demetra Pahopos has joined the lab and will be working with Tatiana to finalize our study on the role of GATA2 in MDS using patient bone marrow samples. This project has moved very quickly and Demetra will help Tatiana bring it across the finish line. While there have been a number of studies measuring GATA2 RNA transcript levels in cases of MDS, to do date nobody has been able to measure GATA2 protein levels (the gold standard for such analyses). This work opens up the potential to use GATA2 as a diagnostic or prognostic marker on patient tissue samples in routine clinical practice. The speed with which this project was completed also ensures that Tatiana will be able to present the work as a poster before it is ultimately published, marking a highly successful Sophomore Research Fellowship.

Congratulations to Tatiana
Tatiana has been awarded a UW-Madison Sophomore Research Fellowship to study the expression and distribution of GATA2 in bone marrow samples from patients with MDS.